The Pre-School Playgroup is managed by a voluntary Committee of parents/carers, who normally have children attending the Pre-School Playgroup.

The Committee is responsible for the employment and appraisal of staff, finance, reviewing policies and procedures, etc and give support to the Pre-School Supervisors and to our Administrator.

Fundraising is also a big part of the Committees role and each year they organise a variety of events in order to raise funds to provide extra resources for the Pre-School Playgroup. Activities in the past have included Easter Fairs, Coffee Mornings at the Summer and Christmas Shows, Sponsored events, Mother and Father’s Day Tombolas. In 2017 the Committee helped to plan and organise the hugely successful 50th Anniversary celebrations.


The Current Committee:

Chairperson  Emma Raynor
Vice Chairperson Lauren Dalby
Secretary Caroline Morris
Treasurer Lisa Leah
Other Members Gordon Rodham
  Joanna Mellor
  Mark Armstrong
  Emma Ashdown
  Debby Cowley
  Tamie Jubb
  Karen Melia-Gates

Joining the Committee is a great way to become more involved with the Pre-school Playgroup. Your support, ideas and suggestions are always very much appreciated.

Any parents who feel that they would like to join the Committee or help with the fundraising should speak to a member of staff or a current Committee Member.

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