We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) as set out by the Department of Education and Skills. The EYFS covers children from birth to the term after their fifth birthday and covers seven areas of learning:                                                                                                                 

1. Communication and Language                                            
2. Physical Development
3. Personal, Social and Emotional Development
4. Literacy
5. Mathematics
6. Understanding the World
7. Expressive Arts and Design

Within each of the areas the EYFS sets an Early Learning Goal.  An  Early Learning Goal states what
the children are expected to know and be able to do by the end of the EYFS (term after their fifth

This is further broken down into smaller stages through which children are likely to pass as they move toward achievement of the goals. We provide a wide range of play activities, giving  children the opportunity to develop at their own pace whilst considering their current stage and looking at the next steps required for each child in order to help them to reach their goals. 




Monitoring Progress:

We have a Key person system; your child will be assigned a key person when they first come to the Pre-School Playgroup. This key person will make a special effort to form a close relationship with you and your child and will help your child with settling in and will be in a position to assess your child’s individual needs. Observations form the basis of assessing your child’s progress and progress records will be kept, you will be kept up to date on your child’s progress and will be given their records to keep upon leaving the Pre-School Playgroup.



Your child will spend time in our Pre-School ‘Rainbows’ group prior to starting school. This group helps to prepare your child for entering school by introducing them to a range of Pre-School activities in a slightly more formal setting. Children will be encouraged to develop their fine motor skills (skills needed for writing), to enjoy looking at books and listening to stories, songs and rhymes (developing pre-reading skills) and to participate in activities and games which introduce problem solving, reasoning and numeracy. 






We have nine members of staff working in the Pre-School Playgroup. All staff hold recognised childcare qualifications and are continually updating their training. All staff are First Aid qualified, attend regular Safeguarding Children Training and have also undertaken training in inclusive practice.

Staff Team:

Childcare Supervisors

Lynda Turner (Level 4 NVQ - Children’s Care, Learning and Development)

Lynn Simpson (Level 4 NVQ - Children’s Care, Learning and Development)

Senior Childcare Assistant

Lisa Robinson (Level 3 NVQ in Children’s Care. Learning and Development)

Childcare Assistants/
Support Staff

Laura Brown (Level 2 NVQ in Children’s Care, Learning and Development)

Tracy Miloro (Level 3 NVQ in Children’s Care, Learning and Development)

Jayne Barlow (Level 3 NVQ in Children's Care, Learning and Development) 

Claire Groom (Level 3 Diploma for the Children & Young People's Workforce)

Support Staff

Sarah O'Reilly (Level 3 Diploma for the Children & Young People's Workforce) 

Wendy Rawlins (Level 3 Diploma for the Children & Young People's Workforce)

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